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May 6, 2016 • Category: About

Andy Round has run a portfolio of magazines in the UAE and been the editor of a daily newspaper in Malta. His articles have been published in more than 30 different publications  in 20 different countries from Penthouse and Portfolio to Tatler and the Telegraph. Today he works between the Middle East and Europe producing creative […]

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Creative content (Comments Off)

Andy Round has run a portfolio of magazines in the UAE and been the editor of a daily newspaper in Malta. His articles have been published in more than 30 different publications  in 20 different countries from Penthouse and Portfolio to Tatler and the Telegraph. Today he works between the Middle East and Europe producing creative […]


Sometimes it seems hard work being Charlize Theron… (Comments Off)

Sometimes it seems unbearably hard work being Charlize Theron. Flawlessly beautiful, she’s drawn to movie characters of incomprehensible ugliness. She has a life that’s the epitome of Hollywood perfection, but a past that’s stained with death and childhood sadness. She’s an Oscar-winning star, who is feted on the red carpet one day and helping victims […]


Is a Mafia-free holiday an offer you can’t refuse (Comments Off)

So after months of hard work your new restaurant is open for business. The tables are heaving, the kitchen is bustling and the reservations diary is bulging. Then one day, perhaps, a week into your new business, a waiter says there is someone to see you at the bar. In the bar is a familiar […]


Chiquita fruit products (Comments Off)

Andy was commissioned by Hill & Knowlton to create editorial for the European launch of Chiquita products.


Corporate communications for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company (Comments Off)

                Andy Round has been working with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel company as a freelance corporate communications writer since 2004 when he produced a magazine for the company in Dubai. He has created editorial for press releases, branded collateral and online copy for Ritz-Carlton properties in Germany, Portugal, Spain, […]


Feature writing for all editions of Prestige in South East Asia (Comments Off)

• To read story double click on images below. To read more of Andy’s work for Prestige click here Long, long before downloadable trailers, Internet viral campaigns and DVD/HD/Blu-Ray extras, the poster was the only way to lure people into the cinema. Offering much more than just publicity, these wonderful pieces of art promised worlds […]


Most extraordinary hotels in the world (Comments Off)

Tired of the same old anonymous five-star hotel chain? Looking to add a little eccentricity to your accommodation? Well, if you have a taste for the unusual, perhaps Andy Round can help. From nuclear bunkers for families and beds made from ice to staying in a concrete pipe or even an oilrig, there is a […]


Feature writing for Tatler magazine in Asia (Comments Off)

Andy has been contributing to Tatler magazine since 2005 to read previous articles click here. To read the story below double click the image “I’m working on two sculptures at the moment,” artist Willard Wigan says. “One is of Elton John sat at his grand piano the other is of The Beatles peering through the […]


Creation of Destinations of the World News magazine (Comments Off)

Destinations of the World News was conceptionalised by Andy for publishing company WNN Limited in Dubai. As senior editor for eight years he oversaw all editorial, design, photography and recruitment of staff. It is now the leading monthly consumer travel magazine in the Gulf supported by a strong online presence. Double click to enlarge any […]

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Net gains for TripAdvisor (Comments Off)

It’s great what people post on these days. Take a look at this recent review picked up by snarkyowl. “We had brown water coming out of the tap in our room… the resort ran out of food a few times and it was not busy. Even worse, there were aunts [sic] everywhere, even in […]

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Book writing for UAE airports (Comments Off)

Andy has written books for Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International and Sharjah Airport. To look inside click on the image below.


Feature writing for Elle magazine in Bulgaria (Comments Off)

In the bad old days of motoring owning a caravan was about as fashionable as admitting to living in a trailer park.


Affinity magazine for the developer of world’s tallest tower (Comments Off)

As the senior editor of Motivate Publishing Andy was responsible for the development of a range of client-based magazines. One of the titles in his portfolio was created for Emaar the ambitious UAE property developer that constructed the largest tower in the world Burj Khalifa.

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Travel features for the European Commission (Comments Off)

Andy visited 20 EU countries to write 20 travel features for the European Commission as part of its ‘Europe Whenever You’re Ready’ campaign. Using every media channel available the stories were designed to attract tourism from Brazil, Russia, India, China and Argentina. • The articles and imagery were given away to travel editors in all […]


The secret powers of Angelina Jolie (Comments Off)

Angelina Jolie is a classic example of how some celebrities can really divide people. She can push all the right and wrong buttons seemingly at the same time. Take the extraordinary circus that surrounded the birth of her child Shiloh. To the outside world it seemed like some mad three-way wrestling match between three different […]


Corporate copy writing for FIFA (Comments Off)

To see more of Andy’s corporate work click here Andy has produced corporate copy for the 2016 World Cup bid on behalf of Holland and Belgium. See below: Football can’t save the world, but it can make a world of difference. FIFA’s Michel D’Hooghe reveals how the 1986 Belgian World Cup team in Mexico was […]

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Secret habits of the seriously rich (Comments Off)

Once upon a multi-millionaire it used to be so easy to separate the seriously rich from the run-of-the-mill wealthy by playing count the clichés. If enough Bentleys, racehorses, super yachts and Monets added up to a grand fortune and numerous society magazine photo-shoots you were in. How old-fashioned that sounds now. Today, collections of empty […]


Affinity magazine for the world’s most luxurious hotel chain (Comments Off)

Andy has been working with the Jumeirah chain since 1999 when he oversaw the publication of books to celebrate the completion of the famous Burj Al Arab hotel and the iconic Emirates Towers for Motivate Publishing. Today Jumeirah’s hotels include Essex House in New York as well as the Lowdnes and Carlton Tower in London. […]


Flemish tales of the unexpected (Comments Off)

So I’m with chocolatier Dominique Persoone in an 18th century Antwerp palace – once home to Napoleon – learning how to party like the Rolling Stones. Snorting chocolate powder. From a contraption called a shooter. “When the Stones were in Belgium I designed this chocolate snuff machine for the birthday party of Ronnie Wood and […]


Premium Bond: the life and times of the world’s most famous spy (Comments Off)

James Bond may be hitting serious middle age but there’s plenty of life in the old spy yet. Super villains, megalomaniacs, metal-toothed psychotics and bloodthirsty hitmen everywhere will be irritated to learn that interest in 007 is greater than ever. And this year Bond mania reaches fever pitch as the world celebrates the spy’s first […]


Hunting for billions of dollars in sunken treasure (Comments Off)

At 1.05pm on July 20, 1985, Mel Fisher was sitting in a café when he heard from his son that their legendary search was finally over. After scouring the seabed for 16 years, the Fisher salvage team had located the wreck of the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha. Even better, the stories were true […]

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Corporate communications for Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts (Comments Off)

Andy has worked on a wide range of communications projects for Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, an upscale Swiss hospitality company with properties worldwide. Work included: • Crisis communication material for online, in-house, press and internal use • Creation of text for the websites of five new hotels • Development of press kits for more than […]


Senior Editor at Motivate Publishing (Comments Off)

Below are just a few of the titles Andy managed as senior editor for Motivate Publishing in Dubai. He was responsible for the lifestyle publications of the company including consumer titles such as What’s On (an entertainment guide), Identity (an interiors design title), Living (an affinity magazine for the UAE’s biggest supermarket chain) Jumeirah (a […]


Web work (Comments Off)

• Andy has produced Facebook tabs and Foursquare tips for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC which you can see here as well as creating the editorial for the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. This copy can be viewed here. • Andy also contributes to the online magazine Sabotage Times which in May 2011 enjoyed 230,000 […]


The most bizarre art heists in the world (Comments Off)

After most art crimes, museums can only watch and weep. In the case of a Sao Paulo Museum theft last December, for example, thieves simply dodged the unarmed 24-hour patrolling guards (who were changing shift), ran past a few blurry security cameras (which did not have infrared) and quietly walked out into the street (there […]


The art and soul of Belgian chocolates (Comments Off)

Sensory overload is something that you get used to in a Belgian chocolate shop. The soft thud as your individually chosen crème fraiche is slipped into a lavish ballotin gift box by white-gloved hands; the intoxicating perfume of rich, bitter sweet fragrant aromas; the sight of window displays with giant sculptures carved from chocolate; the […]


Audrey Hepburn: the making of a 20th century icon (Comments Off)

Audrey Hepburn seemed to have it all. She was the face of Givenchy, an Oscar-winning actress and an ambassador for UNICEF. By the time of her death in 1993, her status as a 20th century icon was assured. Now 20 years later, it is worth re-evaluating the famous quote about Hepburn made by her mother […]


The actor who redefined the cinematic everyman (Comments Off)

Tom Hanks always plays to his strengths. He’s not Clooney good-looking, he’s not got the presence of a Pacino and he doesn’t have the menace or controversy of a Russell Crowe. But what he has by the Hollywood truckload is an everyman charm. It’s his greatest strength and one that he’s used to win two […]


Object of desire: Marilyn Monroe’s enduring appeal (Comments Off)

Margaret Barrett, the director of Entertainment Memorabilia for Bonhams & Butterfields is on the phone from LA. She says she is sitting beside a table that once belonged to Marilyn Monroe with a book of Jim Morrison poetry on top of it. “Two of my favourite icons together in one place,” she laughs down the […]


The easy-to-learn art of stealing priceless paintings (Comments Off)

It only took three minutes, three masked men, and a couple of automatic weapons to steal four paintings worth a total of US$170 million in one of Europe’s biggest art robberies. Just before closing time, the thieves burst into the Impressionist room of Zurich’s Emil Bührle Foundation and forced security guards and visitors to the […]

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Gorillas in our midst: lost in the jungles of Rwanda (Comments Off)

To read the full story click here to read more of Andy’s work at click here So here we are in the north of Rwanda, high up the side of a volcano, taking photographs of a giant silver-backed gorilla like wildlife-crazed paparazzi. The big-muscled leader is not even remotely interested in what we’re doing. […]


Think a marathon is tough? Try a 250km desert run (Comments Off)

Alasdair Morrison is 60 years old and the former chairman of Morgan Stanley in Asia. Now retired, he takes things easier than before. He’s been appointed to a couple of directorships and in his spare time he likes to go running along the trails close to his Hong Kong Island home. He says he needs […]

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Comic reporter Tintin prepares for his biggest adventure (Comments Off)

To view full story by Andy click on any of the images above.


Sculptures carved to fit in the eye of a needle (Comments Off)

“I’m working on two sculptures at the moment,” artist Willard Wigan says. “One is of Elton John sat at his grand piano the other is of The Beatles peering through the portholes of the Yellow Submarine.” The subject of the art may be conventional, but their creation defies belief. Both sculptures are small enough to […]


The life and troubled times of Berlusconi: can it get worse? (Comments Off)

With all the gravitas of a true statesman Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi surveyed the earthquake devastation that claimed the lives of 300. The L’Aquila disaster had been brutal, the worse Italian earthquake in 30 years. As Berlusconi crunched across the rumble he listened intently to the horrific stories of the survivors. At least 20,000 […]


Funny business of providing comedy for expats (Comments Off)

“I’ve had so much plastic surgery over the past 20 years that in my next life I’m going to come back as a washing-up bowl,” Gail Clough laughs. And laughs. That’s what Clough likes to do. Laugh. A lot. For the past 12 years with her business partner Duncan Jones and their company the Laughter […]

The Word»

The Word: Brussels’ new style Bible (Comments Off)

Andy was the magazine launch consultant to The Word for Jam Publishing. Click to read


Press kit for Toyota iQ (Comments Off)

Andy was commissioned by Hill & Knowlton to create press editorial for the European launch of the Toyota IQ.


Riding out the recession with Harley-Davidson (Comments Off)

There is a fabulous book called Brand Sense by a jolly fella called Martin Lindstrom. Within its easy-to-scan pages, Lindstrom discusses how famous brands inspire loyalty beyond reason. To demonstrate his point he asked 2,000 people in 34 countries which company name they would consider having tattooed on their arm. In third place came Coca-Cola, […]


Antarctica’s march of the tourists (Comments Off)

Antarctica may be the world’s final frontier, but that hasn’t stopped tourism growing at a phenomenal rate on its astonishing frozen wastes. As you would imagine the figures are a fraction of those of other exotic destinations, however unlike any other continent in the world, visitor numbers to Antarctica have more than tripled in just […]

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Oasis of luxury in the deserts of Dubai (Comments Off)

There is luxury, serious luxury and then there is Al Maha luxury… to read the story by Andy double click on the images above.