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May 17, 2014

Andy visited 20 EU countries to write 20 travel features for the European Commission as part of its ‘Europe Whenever You’re Ready’ campaign. Using every media channel available the stories were designed to attract tourism from Brazil, Russia, India, China and Argentina. • The articles and imagery were given away to travel editors in all […]

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Creation of Destinations of the World News magazine

Destinations of the World News was conceptionalised by Andy for publishing company WNN Limited in Dubai. As senior editor for eight years he oversaw all editorial, design, photography and recruitment of staff. It is now the leading monthly consumer travel magazine in the Gulf supported by a strong online presence. Double click to enlarge any […]

New Inca gold

The last time I took an expensive ‘luxury’ coach in Peru the ticket allocation was strict (only three to a seat); the in-bus refreshment was unlimited (whatever you could grab through broken windows) and the coach engineering miraculous (the brakes pre-dated the Incas). How things have changed. Last month my US$15, three-hour coach trip out […]

Top ten luxury travel trends set to redefine your world

Poor old luxury. If there was ever a word that’s been battered and bruised over recent years, it’s luxury. Wrapped around anything and everything, argued over by everyone and stretched so thin and far that its little syllables have nearly popped, luxury has almost forgotten what it set out to do in the first place. […]

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