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Wonder walls: the rise and rise of grafitti art(Comments Off on Wonder walls: the rise and rise of grafitti art)

October 12, 2010

So, how would you feel if someone sprayed the side of your house with aerosol paint graffiti? Would you expect the local authorities to eventually clean it off or would you hope they would slam a protection order on it? If you lived in New York there is a chance that art would be protected […]

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Sometimes it seems hard work being Charlize Theron…

Sometimes it seems unbearably hard work being Charlize Theron. Flawlessly beautiful, she’s drawn to movie characters of incomprehensible ugliness. She has a life that’s the epitome of Hollywood perfection, but a past that’s stained with death and childhood sadness. She’s an Oscar-winning star, who is feted on the red carpet one day and helping victims […]

Sculptures carved to fit in the eye of a needle

“I’m working on two sculptures at the moment,” artist Willard Wigan says. “One is of Elton John sat at his grand piano the other is of The Beatles peering through the portholes of the Yellow Submarine.” The subject of the art may be conventional, but their creation defies belief. Both sculptures are small enough to […]

Deep dark secrets of Holland’s map makers

Once upon a time, long before GSM location finders, Google street views and synthesised Sat Nav voices, we used strange folding paper things called maps. They were really helpful, especially 400 years ago. To read story by Andy click on images above or continue below.  Maps were a secret source of power then. If you […]

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