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The reinvention of the humble hut(Comments Off on The reinvention of the humble hut)

October 19, 2010

Once upon a time, sheds were places where you stored gardening gloves, hung tools on nails and, if you were lucky, cultivated a few seedlings. Standing to attention in millions of gardens around the world, these humble huts may have offered limited storage space but shed owners always knew they offered the perfect refuge from […]

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How to buy a bargain price stately home in the UK

There is nothing like owning a stately home in Britain. Just imagine it; an ancient family pile loaded with history, deer parks, swan-filled lakes, 17th century gardens and a lodge house to accommodate your own herd of peasants. A manor house really is the perfect place to fly the family flag. And the good news, […]

Going underground to buy a home… in a nuclear bunker

Ed Peden is a man with a nuclear base plan. Andy Round takes cover. Now try and answer this question honestly. Do you often feel an overwhelming desire to live deep underground, safe from the trials and tribulations of the economic misery of the 21st century locked behind a blast-proof two-metre-thick concrete door? If the […]

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