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October 12, 2010

James Taylor’s been in touch. It feels freaky. And I think you know what it’s like. You try to avoid someone for 10 years and suddenly there they are, lurking in your inbox. Really. Freaky.All I remember about Taylor from school were his annoying jokes, his empty bragging, his rubbish poetry (poetry!) and his love […]

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Deep dark secrets of Holland’s map makers

Once upon a time, long before GSM location finders, Google street views and synthesised Sat Nav voices, we used strange folding paper things called maps. They were really helpful, especially 400 years ago. To read story by Andy click on images above or continue below.  Maps were a secret source of power then. If you […]

Secret habits of the seriously rich

Once upon a multi-millionaire it used to be so easy to separate the seriously rich from the run-of-the-mill wealthy by playing count the clichés. If enough Bentleys, racehorses, super yachts and Monets added up to a grand fortune and numerous society magazine photo-shoots you were in. How old-fashioned that sounds now. Today, collections of empty […]

Think a marathon is tough? Try a 250km desert run

Alasdair Morrison is 60 years old and the former chairman of Morgan Stanley in Asia. Now retired, he takes things easier than before. He’s been appointed to a couple of directorships and in his spare time he likes to go running along the trails close to his Hong Kong Island home. He says he needs […]

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