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April 29, 2014

Andy has been contributing to Tatler magazine since 2005 to read previous articles click here. To read the story below double click the image “I’m working on two sculptures at the moment,” artist Willard Wigan says. “One is of Elton John sat at his grand piano the other is of The Beatles peering through the […]

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Dinosaurs, mammoths, sabre-tooths and bone collectors

For lovers of Jurassic Park it was a dinosaur dream come true. The Triceratops skeleton displayed in the auction hall of Christie’s in Paris was 65 million years old, 7.5 metres long and up for sale. Unfortunately, you would have needed a dinosaur-sized budget to afford it. When the three-horned, vegetarian giant – nicknamed ‘Cliff’ […]

The life and troubled times of Berlusconi: can it get worse?

With all the gravitas of a true statesman Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi surveyed the earthquake devastation that claimed the lives of 300. The L’Aquila disaster had been brutal, the worse Italian earthquake in 30 years. As Berlusconi crunched across the rumble he listened intently to the horrific stories of the survivors. At least 20,000 […]

Roe to ruin? Save caviar, grow your own sturgeon

On London’s prestigious Piccadilly is a simply decorated restaurant where two women once ate one of the most expensive meals in British history. They floated into the Caviar House & Prunier on a blustery afternoon in a whirlwind of designer shopping bags, plonked themselves down under the warm muted lighting and ran manicured nails down […]

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