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May 4, 2014

Andy has been working with the Jumeirah chain since 1999 when he oversaw the publication of books to celebrate the completion of the famous Burj Al Arab hotel and the iconic Emirates Towers for Motivate Publishing. Today Jumeirah’s hotels include Essex House in New York as well as the Lowdnes and Carlton Tower in London. […]

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The reinvention of the humble hut

Once upon a time, sheds were places where you stored gardening gloves, hung tools on nails and, if you were lucky, cultivated a few seedlings. Standing to attention in millions of gardens around the world, these humble huts may have offered limited storage space but shed owners always knew they offered the perfect refuge from […]

Great Scott: the life and times of Ridley

The first time I met film director Sir Ridley Scott he was busy drowning people. He’d been slaving away immersing actors into a giant water tank and watching them sink slowly to the bottom. Under a blazing Maltese sky, static jet engines conjured up an artificial hurricane and giant chutes cascaded floods onto a cabin […]

50 years of British Triumph: the motorbike that defined a generation

There’s nothing like a little celebrity stardust to transform a motorbike into a two-wheeled icon. Just ask Triumph. For decades their bikes have been the favoured mode of transport for Bob Dylan, Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage, Happy Days’ Fonzie and even Pink, but of all the Triumph models that have roared into popular consciousness, it […]

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