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Gorillas in our midst: lost in the jungles of Rwanda(Comments Off on Gorillas in our midst: lost in the jungles of Rwanda)

October 11, 2010

To read the full story click here to read more of Andy’s work at click here So here we are in the north of Rwanda, high up the side of a volcano, taking photographs of a giant silver-backed gorilla like wildlife-crazed paparazzi. The big-muscled leader is not even remotely interested in what we’re doing. […]

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Is a Mafia-free holiday an offer you can’t refuse

So after months of hard work your new restaurant is open for business. The tables are heaving, the kitchen is bustling and the reservations diary is bulging. Then one day, perhaps, a week into your new business, a waiter says there is someone to see you at the bar. In the bar is a familiar […]

The biggest porn stash in France

As you enter the softly lit L’Enfer chamber in the basement of the most famous library in France, you’ll immediately notice a cabinet containing a couple of well-thumbed illustrated books. They were published in 1750; one features a picture of a handbag-sized dog giving oral sex to a Paris Hilton lookalike and the other reveals […]