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Novel idea for Belgium’s book-loving expatriates(Comments Off on Novel idea for Belgium’s book-loving expatriates)

October 2, 2010

Once a month they come, the clusters of expatriates weighed down with their bulging bags of crack-spined Ian Rankins and page-tortured Ian McEwans, traversing the rain-polished streets of Belgium in search of the Brussels BookSwappers Club. It’s not Oprah, it’s not Richard and Judy (only in their dreams could these hosts aspire to such a […]

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Funny business of providing comedy for expats

“I’ve had so much plastic surgery over the past 20 years that in my next life I’m going to come back as a washing-up bowl,” Gail Clough laughs. And laughs. That’s what Clough likes to do. Laugh. A lot. For the past 12 years with her business partner Duncan Jones and their company the Laughter […]