Shopping for mink umbrellas and cobra skin boots

So tell me, how much would you pay for an umbrella? US$500? US$1,000? US$3,000? If that’s your final answer, I’m sorry I have to say you’re not trying hard enough. You see if you are a discerning high spender you should be budgeting at least US$33,000. And it should be bespoke, exclusive, and ideally made from something rare and exotic. In fact I know just the people who can help. Allow me to introduce you to the world of Billionaire Italian Couture, a brand that specialises in finding extremely fashionable ways to lighten the wallets of the über rich. Take the humble umbrella, for example. Not for Billionaire Couture a few metal struts and a bit of plastic, oh no. Here an umbrella comes in tan-coloured ostrich for US$46,000, purple mink for US$33,000 or if you feel like really splashing out, dyed-silver crocodile skin for just US$67,000. With poles dipped in silver and optional refinements of reindeer, I’m sure you’d agree the brollies are in a class of their own. To read the full story double click images above.

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