Think a marathon is tough? Try a 250km desert run

Alasdair Morrison is 60 years old and the former chairman of Morgan Stanley in Asia. Now retired, he takes things easier than before. He’s been appointed to a couple of directorships and in his spare time he likes to go running along the trails close to his Hong Kong Island home. He says he needs the training, because once a year at least, he likes to spend a week running 250 kilometres across deserts in some of the most inhospitable places in the world. Since 2002, he’s run across Egypt’s Sahara, through the untouched wilderness of Vietnam, China’s Gobi, the alien landscape of Chile’s Atacama and even Antarctica. “Yes that was tough,” he says. “There were blizzards, snow, ice… Every day you are dropped off by boat at a different location to run. One night we only had three hours sleep and then ran for 36 hours. But the landscape was truly astonishing.” To read the full story by Andy click on any image above.

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