Masters of the universe and holidays in space

Most people agonise about where in the world they want to go on holiday, but my advice is forget earth completely. After speaking to the experts at Space Adventures, it is clear the world is simply not enough. What is fascinating about the company’s Stacey Tearne is that she talks like those of any other travel agent promoting their services. The only difference is that the destination she discusses is the stuff of Star Trek dreams and the costs dropped into the conversation are light years away from a fortnight of sun and sand in Koh Samui. “Basically we can customise our services to whatever you require,” Tearne tells Prestige. “We can fly you to the International Space Station, perhaps help you enjoy a space walk. We offer sub-orbital flights, zero gravity flights, MIG jet trips, weightless experiences and obviously training opportunities. Basically we can tailor a space programme that will fit your budget.” To read the full story by Andy click on image above.

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