Action film stars: the art of the movie poster

Long, long before downloadable trailers, Internet viral campaigns and DVD/HD/Blu-Ray extras, the poster was the only way to lure people into the cinema. Offering much more than publicity, these wonderful pieces of art promised worlds populated by chisel-jawed heroes, swooning beauties, villages where Frankenstein could lumber with iron-footed determination and 50-foot women could bestride the world like bikini-clad behemoths. Today these posters command huge sums at auction and are rapidly becoming the art collections of choice for a new generation that likes to spend their popcorn money on blockbuster culture. And it’s easy to understand why. In his north London gallery Tony Nourman reclines in a classic Eames Lounge Chair in front of a table laden down with portfolios of posters. As he takes a sip of coffee, Clint Eastwood, Audrey Hepburn, Jane Fonda, Sean Connery, oh, and just about every movie poster super star you can imagine, stare from his gallery walls. To read the full story by Andy click on the images above.

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