Hallowed world of Bentley’s bespoke department

If Britney’s LV-interior pink Hummer sends you wild with automotive excitement, 22-inch diamond-studded wheel rims give you palpitations and you never miss an episode of Pimp My Ride, look away now. We are entering a completely different place, a place of automotive aesthetics, a place where bespoke beauty whispers and never shouts. Hush now as we enter the hallowed halls of Bentley and the car-maker’s customising studio known as Mulliner. You need to be here, because deciding to buy a Bentley is only the start. Already you recognise the importance of using a herd of cows to trim a car, the significance of 120 separate paint stages, why it takes 13 days to produce walnut veneer for your interior and why hand-assembling an engine employs 36 people. All that’s a given. After you’ve decided to buy Bentley it’s time to sit down with Robin Peel, Mulliner’s head of sales and marketing and talk bespoke. To read the full story by Andy click on images above.

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