How to buy a bargain price stately home in the UK

There is nothing like owning a stately home in Britain. Just imagine it; an ancient family pile loaded with history, deer parks, swan-filled lakes, 17th century gardens and a lodge house to accommodate your own herd of peasants. A manor house really is the perfect place to fly the family flag. And the good news, it seems, is that good manors cost nothing. Well, not nothing exactly, but in a credit-crunched market that’s looking close to the bottom there may be a little more room for negotiation and sterling is still cheap. But you better hurry. “I think we have sold more manor houses in the past two months than we have in the previous seven to eight,” Toby Milbank of Knight Frank’s UK country department tells Prestige. “They are good value especially if you are buying from abroad. If you are saving 20 per cent on the price compared to the peak of the market, 20 per cent on currency exchange and getting a fixed rate mortgage at five to seven per cent, it’s an incredible time to buy.” Click images above to read the full story by Andy.

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