Audrey Hepburn: the making of a 20th century icon

Audrey Hepburn seemed to have it all. She was the face of Givenchy, an Oscar-winning actress and an ambassador for UNICEF. By the time of her death in 1993, her status as a 20th century icon was assured. Now 20 years later, it is worth re-evaluating the famous quote about Hepburn made by her mother Ella at the height of her fame. “Considering that you’ve no talent, it’s extraordinary where you’ve got to.” It was a vicious statement that was typical of the layers of agony Hepburn endured throughout her life. But, despite being abandoned by her father, divorced twice and suffering numerous miscarriages and constant illness – devastating combinations of physical and emotional pain – the actress never failed to love and give. To read full story by Andy click on image above.

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