Big name hunters: making a fortune from autographs

It was a Christmas card image that summed up everything that was iconic about Princess Diana, the perfect combination of high style and informal warmth. Perfectly lit in the black and white style of the time, Prince Harry was pictured with his head on his mother’s shoulder, the immaculate grin of Prince William to her left and in the centre the People’s Princess, the Queen of Hearts, arguably the most royal of the 20th century in all her warmth and glory. Part royal, part style icon, all mother, it was perfect. The card was signed by Diana in 1995 and sent out to her close friends. Four days before Christmas that year, the Queen advised the Diana and her son to divorce. The separation was formalised eight months later and there would be no more Christmas cards written as the wife of the heir to the British throne. Two years later the Princess was dead.That little piece of Christmas card history can be yours for just US$5,000. You can own your own sliver of Diana fame with just a few clicks of a mouse. Doesn’t that feel extraordinary? Within days you can receive a Christmas card from beyond the grave from a real Princess. Pity it’s April. To read the full story click on any image above.

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