Diamonds go domestic

So you’ve got a new Harry Winston diamond cluster band, you went to auction for that wonderful Bvlgari sapphire ring and now you’ve booked your reservation in Paris for a custom-made piece from JAR. But what are you going to do now? There’s only so much jewellery you can wear at one time without looking like a Christmas decoration. Then there is that other terrible dilemma. How do you stand apart from an increasingly blingtastic herd with all those other gem-wearing women with 38 carats on their fingers and a superior sparkle in their eye? The answer dear gem lover is, as always, accessorise with imagination. Take your love of cut class to a new level, break free of the usual restraints of jewellery, liberate yourself from the traditional and let you diamond life run wild. To read the full story by Andy, click on the images above.

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