Gorillas in our midst: lost in the jungles of Rwanda

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So here we are in the north of Rwanda, high up the side of a volcano, taking photographs of a giant silver-backed gorilla like wildlife-crazed paparazzi. The big-muscled leader is not even remotely interested in what we’re doing. He’s got his back to us and he’s stalking through the undergrowth with a wonderful King Kong swagger. Up a nearby tree, a baby gorilla scratches his armpits with all the cuteness of a birthday card cover star, while beneath him small clusters of black humps bob up and down as other youngsters navigate the grassy tunnels created by their elders. All is well in the gorilla world. Then it happens. The bushes behind us explode and a giant cannonball of black fur is fired from deep within the wet vegetation. With our eyes glued to miscellaneous viewfinders and digital screens, we never see it coming. The guides shout warnings. Our group squeals with sudden terror. We turn and see a fast-moving ball of black fur powering towards us from behind. The movie monster shock quickly turns to nervous laughter when we jump to one side to allow the fast moving blur to burst past us and accelerate down the slope. With a little distance we can now see the cause of our jungle red alert. Two juvenile gorillas have converted themselves into a fast moving fur ball by holding each other’s hands and feet like hairy circus clowns. Then, with a little momentum, plenty of gravity and a lot of gorilla push and pull, we nearly became tourist skittles to the youngsters’ bowling skills. Phew. Just kids messing about. To read the full story click here

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