The biggest porn stash in France

As you enter the softly lit L’Enfer chamber in the basement of the most famous library in France, you’ll immediately notice a cabinet containing a couple of well-thumbed illustrated books. They were published in 1750; one features a picture of a handbag-sized dog giving oral sex to a Paris Hilton lookalike and the other reveals a hand-maiden thoughtfully guiding a donkey’s cock into the buxom bottom of her smiling friend. Strange enough for you? No? Well check out the 250-year-old action in the illuminated alcoves nearby. There’s men with hooves mounting nymphs against trees, Anthony slipping Cleopatra a quick one and that original sex god Venus showing exactly why she enjoying being on top when she shagged Mars. It’s all a bit disconcerting, and so it should be – I’ve just arrived in Hell. Well, a Parisian version of hell at least. Referred to as L’Enfer (or Hell in French), the Bibliothèque National’s collection of pornography and erotica is probably the biggest in the world. The reason why is simple: when the public library was established in 1720, its most important duty was to collect a copy of every book, etching and pamphlet produced in France. As the collection grew so did a worrying trend for pornography. To read the rest of the story by Andy click here

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