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Long, long before downloadable trailers, Internet viral campaigns and DVD/HD/Blu-Ray extras, the poster was the only way to lure people into the cinema. Offering much more than just publicity, these wonderful pieces of art promised worlds populated by chisel-jawed heroes, swooning beauties, villages where Frankenstein lumbered with iron-footed determination and 50-foot women bestrode the world like bikini-clad behemoths. Today these posters command huge sums at auction and are rapidly becoming the art collections of choice for a new generation that likes to spend their popcorn money on blockbuster culture. And it’s easy to understand why. In 2005 Tony Nourmand sold a poster for the 1927 science fiction film Metropolis, directed by Fritz Lang for $690,000. It’s a poster world record that endures today. The striking art deco work was created by graphic artist Hein Schulz-Neudamm and was one of only four known copies of the two-metre by one-metre poster in the world. Adding extra value was its immaculate condition. “It was the Holy Grail of posters,” Nourmand says. “Hundreds of copies would have been produced at the time and they would have been hung on billboards and then thrown away. But this one was in pristine condition and obviously never used.” To read the full story by Andy click here

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