Amazon adventure in the hidden waters of Bolivia

In the Amazon, I find you can't beat a decent karaoke session after a hard day's piranha fishing. The problem is that unlike the shopping website that shares its name, the only sing-a-long CD you are going to find in English here is The Best Of The Eagles. I hate the Eagles but my Amazonian guide Freddie was a big fan, Freddie may well have been able to wrestle anacondas and make a passable piranha soup, but getting his Latino larynx around those sun-fried Californian lyrics was completely beyond him. In the confines of the Amazonian mud hut hunched over his Chivas Regal and children's karaoke machine, he was singing his heart out. It was terrible and I needed to escape. Of course – and you're ahead of me here – you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave... To read full story by Andy Click on images above.

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