Andy Warhol: the original pop idol

Why in today’s unshockable world does artist Andy Warhol still have so much currency? After all we’re familiar with Hirst sharks being pickled and heralded as great art. We’re used to seeing Banksy’s graffiti being given protection orders or Emin’s unmade bed being described as a masterpiece. In fact, thanks to a celebrity culture of insatiable media, YouTube and reality shows, shock artists come and go every 15 seconds now. And that’s all very well and good. The thing is, of course, Warhol was the first to really turn art into a mass-media performance. And that’s the main reason, 22 years after his death, he’s still larger than life. That’s why the Grand Palais in Paris hosted a record-breaking exhibition of his portraits this summer and why, in October, a glittering array of A-list artists will pay tribute to Warhol’s famous quote “good business is the best art” at London’s Tate Modern. So what’s the big deal? To read the full story by Andy, click on images above.

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