The prince and the showgirl

The daughter of the American brick-seller looked stunning in her dazzling white silk bridal gown and 10-foot lace trail designed by MGM Studios’ costume department. As she knelt before the sanctuary altar next to the prince resplendent in his ceremonial sash and medals, more than 1,600 reporters jostled for a good view outside St Nicholas Cathedral in Monaco. During the ceremony 1,100 guests leaned forward with the classic rapt attention of wedding-watching etiquette everywhere. There was a smattering of international A-list: shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis, frail author Somerset Maughan, Egypt’s former king Farouk and the Aga Khan in his wheelchair. On the other side of the hall was Hollywood, represented by Ava Gardner, David Niven, Bing Crosby and an immaculate Cary Grant. The crowned heads of Europe were conspicuous by their absence. To read the full story by Andy, click on images above.

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