Great Scott: the life and times of Ridley

The first time I met film director Sir Ridley Scott he was busy drowning people. He’d been slaving away immersing actors into a giant water tank and watching them sink slowly to the bottom. Under a blazing Maltese sky, static jet engines conjured up an artificial hurricane and giant chutes cascaded floods onto a cabin set that rotated into the stormy water on giant steel gimbals. Scott was locked into the monitors that beamed back images of struggling stuntmen fighting for breath beneath the waves. After 10 minutes the action stopped. After quarter of an hour the whole process started again. And then again. And then again. Hours past and finally Scott was satisfied. Exhausted scuba men pulled themselves out of the tank and the director took off his straw hat to wipe his brow. Sucking on a his trademark cigar, he grinned: “Hard work for 30 seconds of film.” To read full story by Andy  click on images above.

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