The reinvention of the humble hut

Once upon a time, sheds were places where you stored gardening gloves, hung tools on nails and, if you were lucky, cultivated a few seedlings. Standing to attention in millions of gardens around the world, these humble huts may have offered limited storage space but shed owners always knew they offered the perfect refuge from reality. Now designers and architects are reinventing the shed concept to cater for a new generation of hut lover. Forget seedlings and gardening tools, the contemporary shed has become the ultimate home office, teenage den, meditation room, art studio, writer’s retreat or chill-out zone. Still, just as times change, some things stay the same. Despite being packed to the rafters with cutting edge technology, eco-friendly features and modern insulation, designer sheds continue to maintain their priory function as an ultimate escapist bolthole. To read the full story by Andy double click on the images above.

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