Roe to ruin? Save caviar, grow your own sturgeon

On London’s prestigious Piccadilly is a simply decorated restaurant where two women once ate one of the most expensive meals in British history. They floated into the Caviar House & Prunier on a blustery afternoon in a whirlwind of designer shopping bags, plonked themselves down under the warm muted lighting and ran manicured nails down the menu. Oscietre, Sevruga, Beluga… Nope wasn’t there. They decided to order off the menu. They called for Almas Beluga caviar. In case you don’t move in the exclusive circles of caviar connoisseurs, Almas is the rarest fish egg on the planet, farmed (incredibly) from albino sturgeons that are at least 80 years old. “That afternoon the ladies ate US$31,000 worth,” remembers Caviar House & Prunier’s Lucie Herring. Yep, US$31,000 worth of fish eggs. Pound for pound, at the time of this astonishing afternoon feast, it would have been cheaper to eat gold. Click images above to read more.

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