New Inca gold

The last time I took an expensive ‘luxury’ coach in Peru the ticket allocation was strict (only three to a seat); the in-bus refreshment was unlimited (whatever you could grab through broken windows) and the coach engineering miraculous (the brakes pre-dated the Incas). How things have changed. Last month my US$15, three-hour coach trip out of Lima featured reclining leather seats, in-coach refreshment from uniformed hostesses, a Julia Roberts movie with subtitles and, wonderfully, WiFi. In a way this coach trip was a reflection of how far Peru has come in the 12 years since I last visited. It’s a country that’s not just about Machu Picchu or backpackers anymore. Peru is working hard to cater for a new aspirational generation of traveller. The policy seems to be paying off. To read the full story by Andy double click images above.

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