High society: contemporary treehouses for adults

Once upon a time tree houses were the stuff of childish fantasy, Enid Blyton Books and boy’s own adventures. Just a couple of planks nailed across a sturdy branch were enough to catapult childish imaginations into another dimension. Well, look at the tree house now. It’s all grown up. And there is a very, very happy ending. The desire to escape up a tree remains a constant, but contemporary branch dwellers would prefer to enjoy a little luxury. Those random bits of awkwardly nailed wood have magically transformed themselves into period cabins, science fiction-inspired pods and even luxurious safari tents. The kids were right all along. Living up a tree is great. The only difference is a more adult need for sophisticated design, hot and cold water and, well, perhaps a Jacuzzi or two. To read the full story by Andy double click on images above.

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