The world’s greatest luxury rail journeys

World's most luxurious rail journeys for Marie Claire Russia

In a world tripping over giant carbon footprints left by long-haul flights; emissions trailing the skies from dozens of double-decker Airbus 380s and airline companies cluttering up bankruptcy courts, it’s comforting to remember that a more environmentally friendly, more traditional way of getting from A to B is still thriving in the form of trains. Forget all that airport security, hassle with baggage, taxis from outside the city and worrying about whether you turn right or left onto a plane. Trains offer better legroom, a more conducive holiday atmosphere, a real sense of travel adventure as well as the perfect excuse to pack a corkscrew. Sold? Good. Now all you need to do is decide which trip to enjoy. There’s a world of choice out there – from the epic frozen tundra of Siberia to the shimmering horizons of Australia. See you down at the station.

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