The life and troubled times of Berlusconi: can it get worse?

With all the gravitas of a true statesman Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi surveyed the earthquake devastation that claimed the lives of 300. The L’Aquila disaster had been brutal, the worse Italian earthquake in 30 years. As Berlusconi crunched across the rumble he listened intently to the horrific stories of the survivors. At least 20,000 people had been made homeless, a state of emergency had been announced and people were now living in hurriedly erected emergency tent cities. “Of course, the evacuees’ current lodgings look a little temporary,” the Prime Minister said. “But they should see it like a weekend of camping.” That night the survivors endured relentless hail and rain as temperatures dropped to freezing. Some camping trip. So what do we make of Berlusconi’s remarks? For supporters of the controversial politician, his comments were designed to cheer people up, bring levity to misery. Later he told a female relief doctor: “I wouldn’t mind being resuscitated by you.” Writing in The Times after the event, Beppe Severgnini, author said: “Berlusconi has fun and has no doubts about himself. He praises the Church in the morning, family values in the afternoon and hangs around with pretty girls at night. At 72, that’s an achievement.” Click images above to read full story by Andy.

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