Dinosaurs, mammoths, sabre-tooths and bone collectors

For lovers of Jurassic Park it was a dinosaur dream come true. The Triceratops skeleton displayed in the auction hall of Christie’s in Paris was 65 million years old, 7.5 metres long and up for sale. Unfortunately, you would have needed a dinosaur-sized budget to afford it. When the three-horned, vegetarian giant – nicknamed ‘Cliff’ – finally went under the hammer last year, the huge fossil realised US$944,343. For Boston’s Museum of Science, which had bought the beast, it was indeed a monster investment. It was also an astonishing climax to an incredible auction that revealed an increasing level of interest in rare and wonderful objects of natural history, particularly fossils. The auction starring Cliff achieved US$3.3 million, broke 11 world records and included a sabre-toothed tiger skull that achieved US$137,000 and a three-metre-high skull of a mammoth (including tusks) sold for US$122,000. To read full story by Andy double click images above.

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