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“I’m working on two sculptures at the moment,” artist Willard Wigan says. “One is of Elton John sat at his grand piano the other is of The Beatles peering through the portholes of the Yellow Submarine.” The subject of the art may be conventional, but their creation defies belief. Both sculptures are small enough to pass through the eye of a needle. That’s right. The eye of a needle. They are so astonishingly, incredibly, unbelievably, tiny that they would be lost in the surface area of the full stop at the end of this sentence. Now that’s small. Crafted from grains of sand, flecks of gold or impossibly small pieces of nylon, when complete the sculptures will take pride of place on a pinhead. Literally they have to be seen to believed. And you’ll need a microscope. To read full story by Andy double click on the images above.

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