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Is a Mafia-free holiday an offer you can’t refuse

So after months of hard work your new restaurant is open for business. The tables are heaving, the kitchen is bustling and the reservations diary is bulging. Then one day, perhaps, a week into your new business, a waiter says there is someone to see you at the bar. In the bar is a familiar […]

Men behaving badly: Sinatra and the Rat Pack

Long before rock bands started tearing up hotel suites, The Rat Pack were tearing up Las Vegas playing to packed houses at the Copa Room and partying until dawn. And with Sinatra as chairman of the board, says Andy Round, everyone wanted a piece of the action.

Extreme helicopter fishing on top of the world

There are specialised operators that will fly you in a private Boeing 737 three-and-a-half hours from the UK to Murmansk on Russia’s northern Kola Peninsula and from there transport you by personal helicopter for 90 minutes across snow-capped mountains and thousands of square miles of pine-rich forest to the most inaccessible salmon-filled waters in the world.

Depp charge

Johnny Depp’s new role as an operatic caterer, I have to admit, came as a bit of a shock. Still, there is no denying that his recipe for shepherd’s pie is sublime. Like all great dishes the secret is in the use of fresh ingredients and careful preparation. Apparently you run the meat “three times […]