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Corporate communications for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

                Andy Round has been working with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel company as a freelance corporate communications writer since 2004 when he produced a magazine for the company in Dubai. He has created editorial for press releases, branded collateral and online copy for Ritz-Carlton properties in Germany, Portugal, Spain, […]

Corporate communications for Sheraton

Andy has produced several marketing supplements for the Sheraton hotel company and also been commissioned to write technical reports for the firm’s parent company Starwood. He has also carried out on-brand copy writing for over 50 hotels in more than 20 countries for Starwood. Open publication

Corporate copy writing for FIFA

To see more of Andy’s corporate work click here Andy has produced corporate copy for the 2016 World Cup bid on behalf of Holland and Belgium. See below: Football can’t save the world, but it can make a world of difference. FIFA’s Michel D’Hooghe reveals how the 1986 Belgian World Cup team in Mexico was […]

Affinity magazine for the developer of world’s tallest tower

As the senior editor of Motivate Publishing Andy was responsible for the development of a range of client-based magazines. One of the titles in his portfolio was created for Emaar the ambitious UAE property developer that constructed the largest tower in the world Burj Khalifa.

Marketing magazine for Shangri-La Hotel

Andy created a one-off publication to promote the opening of the new Shangri-La hotel in Dubai. He was responsible for all client liaison, all copy editing and all design and commissioning. Open publication

Book writing for UAE airports

Andy has written books for Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International and Sharjah Airport. To look inside click on the image below.

Chiquita fruit products

Andy was commissioned by Hill & Knowlton to create editorial for the European launch of Chiquita products.

Press kit for Toyota iQ

Andy was commissioned by Hill & Knowlton to create press editorial for the European launch of the Toyota IQ.