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Feature writing for Tatler magazine in Asia

Andy has been contributing to Tatler magazine since 2005 to read previous articles click here. To read the story below double click the image “I’m working on two sculptures at the moment,” artist Willard Wigan says. “One is of Elton John sat at his grand piano the other is of The Beatles peering through the […]

Feature writing for Penthouse magazine

• To see the full story click on images below. To see more of Andy’s work in Penthouse click here It seems incredible that it’s 48 years since a bikini-clad Ursula Andress first emerged from the surf and asked the silver-tongued spy: “What are you doing here, looking for shells?” And Sean Connery’s 007 replied: […]

Feature writing for all editions of Prestige in South East Asia

• To read story double click on images below. To read more of Andy’s work for Prestige click here Long, long before downloadable trailers, Internet viral campaigns and DVD/HD/Blu-Ray extras, the poster was the only way to lure people into the cinema. Offering much more than just publicity, these wonderful pieces of art promised worlds […]

Every trick in the book… unique art sculptures from vintage novels

It’s perfect fairytale story material. Struggling artist sets out to dedicate her life to creating work she can believe in and – more challengingly– make a living. Within five years, the happy ending is in sight. The artist is exhibiting her work in New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Design and accepting commissions for […]

Andy Warhol: the original pop idol

Why in today’s unshockable world does artist Andy Warhol still have so much currency? After all we’re familiar with Hirst sharks being pickled and heralded as great art. We’re used to seeing Banksy’s graffiti being given protection orders or Emin’s unmade bed being described as a masterpiece. In fact, thanks to a celebrity culture of […]

Premium Bond: the life and times of the world’s most famous spy

James Bond may be hitting serious middle age but there’s plenty of life in the old spy yet. Super villains, megalomaniacs, metal-toothed psychotics and bloodthirsty hitmen everywhere will be irritated to learn that interest in 007 is greater than ever. And this year Bond mania reaches fever pitch as the world celebrates the spy’s first […]

Wonder walls: the rise and rise of grafitti art

So, how would you feel if someone sprayed the side of your house with aerosol paint graffiti? Would you expect the local authorities to eventually clean it off or would you hope they would slam a protection order on it? If you lived in New York there is a chance that art would be protected […]

Sculptures carved to fit in the eye of a needle

“I’m working on two sculptures at the moment,” artist Willard Wigan says. “One is of Elton John sat at his grand piano the other is of The Beatles peering through the portholes of the Yellow Submarine.” The subject of the art may be conventional, but their creation defies belief. Both sculptures are small enough to […]

Object of desire: Marilyn Monroe’s enduring appeal

Margaret Barrett, the director of Entertainment Memorabilia for Bonhams & Butterfields is on the phone from LA. She says she is sitting beside a table that once belonged to Marilyn Monroe with a book of Jim Morrison poetry on top of it. “Two of my favourite icons together in one place,” she laughs down the […]

The most bizarre art heists in the world

After most art crimes, museums can only watch and weep. In the case of a Sao Paulo Museum theft last December, for example, thieves simply dodged the unarmed 24-hour patrolling guards (who were changing shift), ran past a few blurry security cameras (which did not have infrared) and quietly walked out into the street (there […]