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Frozen assets… Antarctica, tourism’s final frontier

Prisca Campbell of Quark Expeditions describes this astonishing landscape as the ultimate in isolation. “Humans have only be able to visit with any level of accessibility since the 19th century and only a impossibly small percentage of travellers have ever set foot on the ice in that time,” she says. “What this means is that the wildlife is completely without fear of humans and penguins go about their business without a care in the world. In fact they simply regard humans as a taller stranger species of themselves.”

Volcano holidays

There are plenty of unusual travel experiences in the world, but exploring volcanoes has got to be one of the most extreme. Andy Round talks to the man who can satisfy most burning ambitions. “There is nothing like poking molten lava from a live volcano with a stick,” Tom Pfeiffer says. A stick? “Well, yes, […]

Lost and found

For half a century Albania has been the forgotten country of Europe, sealed off from the outside world by war, eccentric dictators and communist paranoia. Now the country is waking up to the potential of tourism, but will it become the new Croatian? Andy Round is not so sure. “I can remember when men with […]

The big chill

Andy Round journeys to the end of the Earth to explore the ultimate travel experience. The world of travel is so clichéd. Customised travel trunks on Necker, cut-glass decanters on the Orient Express and the thud of pony hooves at the Cartier World Cup are all very well and good, but any Tom, Dick and […]

Cuba: a treasured island

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At your service

Über luxury travel concierge services say they are thriving despite the recession. How can this be? What’s their secret? Add value to traditional services, reduce client costs and appeal to a new mass market, discovers Andy Round. Time, after all, is money. Text: WhiteConcierge is a company that likes a challenge. When an art lover […]

Net gains for TripAdvisor

It’s great what people post on Tripadvisor.com these days. Take a look at this recent review picked up by snarkyowl. “We had brown water coming out of the tap in our room… the resort ran out of food a few times and it was not busy. Even worse, there were aunts [sic] everywhere, even in […]

Arctic travel and northern exposure

It’s 5am Greenland time and already the head of the country’s tourism authority and business council is up and about. Over a shaky mobile telephone connection from the far north, Thomas Rosenkrands says he is well aware of the growing pressure being put on his country by soaring tourism figures and admits that there are serious challenges ahead.

Cuban deals and the Caribbean’s most treasured island

When I last visited Cuba the closest I got to Fidel was watching him banging out his hyperbole on a jerry-rigged black and white television in a country shack. He provided a background polemic to a debate on what was good and bad about Cuba. “We can all read and write in Cuba thanks to The Beard,” explained my host Alejandro, using Castro’s nickname. “But the schools don’t have enough books. We enjoy some of the best health care in the world, but we don’t always have all the medical supplies we need.” In a country where dissent is still merciliously crushed out like the cigars Castro used to smoke, it was rare to hear such an opinion. However, it was tempered. “There is great affection for our commander-in-chief and while America continues to embargo Cuba, Castro will remain strong.”