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The art and soul of Belgian chocolates

Sensory overload is something that you get used to in a Belgian chocolate shop. The soft thud as your individually chosen crème fraiche is slipped into a lavish ballotin gift box by white-gloved hands; the intoxicating perfume of rich, bitter sweet fragrant aromas; the sight of window displays with giant sculptures carved from chocolate; the […]

Roe to ruin? Save caviar, grow your own sturgeon

On London’s prestigious Piccadilly is a simply decorated restaurant where two women once ate one of the most expensive meals in British history. They floated into the Caviar House & Prunier on a blustery afternoon in a whirlwind of designer shopping bags, plonked themselves down under the warm muted lighting and ran manicured nails down […]

Star wars: where next for Michelin’s famous guide?

Depending on which stale buffet of media metaphors you believe, Michelin’s pneumatic reputation has either been slowly punctured by elitism and web reviews or its star status shines brighter than ever in more destinations and it’s still the main dish of the day for serious foodies. Click on pages above to read full story.