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Feature writing for Penthouse magazine

• To see the full story click on images below. To see more of Andy’s work in Penthouse click here It seems incredible that it’s 48 years since a bikini-clad Ursula Andress first emerged from the surf and asked the silver-tongued spy: “What are you doing here, looking for shells?” And Sean Connery’s 007 replied: […]

The most bizarre art heists in the world

After most art crimes, museums can only watch and weep. In the case of a Sao Paulo Museum theft last December, for example, thieves simply dodged the unarmed 24-hour patrolling guards (who were changing shift), ran past a few blurry security cameras (which did not have infrared) and quietly walked out into the street (there […]

Hunting for billions of dollars in sunken treasure

At 1.05pm on July 20, 1985, Mel Fisher was sitting in a café when he heard from his son that their legendary search was finally over. After scouring the seabed for 16 years, the Fisher salvage team had located the wreck of the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha. Even better, the stories were true […]

Probably the biggest collection of porn in the world

As you enter the softly lit L’Enfer chamber in the basement of the most famous library in France you’ll immediately notice a cabinet containing a couple of well-thumbed, illustrated books. They were published in 1750 and one features a picture of a handbag-sized dog giving oral sex to a Paris-Hilton lookalike and the other reveals […]

Dealers of death: buying and selling murderabilia

Before his execution Ted Bundy confessed to killing at least 30 young women in an orgy of rape, necrophilia and decapitation that dated back to the mid 1970s. By the time 2,000 volts of electricity terminated the serial killer at Florida’s State Prison 11 years later, Bundy had become so ingrained in the world’s cultural […]

Comic investments – would you pay US$1.5m for a Superman book?

“Some of today’s successful entrepreneurs were yesterday’s comic geeks. They don’t want a Van Gogh or a Picasso. They want collectibles that mean something to them. Superman, Spider-Man and Batman are pop culture icons now. The fact that Superman was the first superhero means this is the Holy Grail of comics.”

Treasured islands: how to buy your own piece of paradise

In globally uncertain times, it’s always good to have a few certainties in life. And one of the biggest of all is that nature is not creating any more islands soon. Sure, there’s the occasional volcanic blip every century or so and, of course, there are cluster of man-made creations off the coast of the […]