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The art and soul of Belgian chocolates

Sensory overload is something that you get used to in a Belgian chocolate shop. The soft thud as your individually chosen crème fraiche is slipped into a lavish ballotin gift box by white-gloved hands; the intoxicating perfume of rich, bitter sweet fragrant aromas; the sight of window displays with giant sculptures carved from chocolate; the […]

Big name hunters: making a fortune from autographs

It was a Christmas card image that summed up everything that was iconic about Princess Diana, the perfect combination of high style and informal warmth. Perfectly lit in the black and white style of the time, Prince Harry was pictured with his head on his mother’s shoulder, the immaculate grin of Prince William to her […]

Italian style, Sicilian girls, Brighton mods and an icon called Vespa

The Vespa still remains a symbol of la dolce vita 61 years after it first spluttered out of Enrico Piaggio’s factory. Andy Round hits the high road with an Italian style icon. So, I’m sat at a Sicilian café in the chic and cheerful medieval town of Taormina when two Vespas pull up. The female […]

Going underground to buy a home… in a nuclear bunker

Ed Peden is a man with a nuclear base plan. Andy Round takes cover. Now try and answer this question honestly. Do you often feel an overwhelming desire to live deep underground, safe from the trials and tribulations of the economic misery of the 21st century locked behind a blast-proof two-metre-thick concrete door? If the […]

Location, location, location

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Feature writing for Portfolio magazine

• To read more stories by Andy in Portfolio click here The curving, gleaming titanium roof of the Hotel Marqués De Riscal in northern Spain looks as if a giant has crushed huge ribbons of multi-coloured metal and flung them far into the countryside of the Rioja region. It’s an astonishing architectural achievement designed by […]

The unlikely billionaire

Warren Buffet still eats in his local diner, lives in the modest Nebraska home he’s owned for 50 years and earns a salary of US$100,000 a year. So far, so normal. But the big difference between Buffet and the rest of middle America is that he just happens to be the world’s richest man. A […]