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The secret powers of Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a classic example of how some celebrities can really divide people. She can push all the right and wrong buttons seemingly at the same time. Take the extraordinary circus that surrounded the birth of her child Shiloh. To the outside world it seemed like some mad three-way wrestling match between three different […]

The life and troubled times of Berlusconi: can it get worse?

With all the gravitas of a true statesman Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi surveyed the earthquake devastation that claimed the lives of 300. The L’Aquila disaster had been brutal, the worse Italian earthquake in 30 years. As Berlusconi crunched across the rumble he listened intently to the horrific stories of the survivors. At least 20,000 […]

Men behaving badly: Sinatra and the Rat Pack

Long before rock bands started tearing up hotel suites, The Rat Pack were tearing up Las Vegas playing to packed houses at the Copa Room and partying until dawn. And with Sinatra as chairman of the board, says Andy Round, everyone wanted a piece of the action.

Tim Robbins and the art of Hollywood normality

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When will I be famous? The Ellie Campbell story

Once upon a time in the dark wetlands of Yorkshire, a young girl dreamed of fame of fortune. To read the full story by Andy double click on the images above

The unlikely billionaire

Warren Buffet still eats in his local diner, lives in the modest Nebraska home he’s owned for 50 years and earns a salary of US$100,000 a year. So far, so normal. But the big difference between Buffet and the rest of middle America is that he just happens to be the world’s richest man. A […]

Depp charge

Johnny Depp’s new role as an operatic caterer, I have to admit, came as a bit of a shock. Still, there is no denying that his recipe for shepherd’s pie is sublime. Like all great dishes the secret is in the use of fresh ingredients and careful preparation. Apparently you run the meat “three times […]

Return of the last action hero

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Steve McQueen: real life action hero

For most people iconic Steve McQueen moments involve speed. In the 1960s if a movie scene demanded leaping over German barbed wire on a motorbike or racing around the San Francisco streets in a Mustang, you could bet your bottom muscle car dollar it was McQueen’s idea. And this is all very well. But in […]

The reign of Helen Mirren

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