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Top ten luxury travel trends set to redefine your world

Poor old luxury. If there was ever a word that’s been battered and bruised over recent years, it’s luxury. Wrapped around anything and everything, argued over by everyone and stretched so thin and far that its little syllables have nearly popped, luxury has almost forgotten what it set out to do in the first place. […]

Social service… for the entire world

James Taylor’s been in touch. It feels freaky. And I think you know what it’s like. You try to avoid someone for 10 years and suddenly there they are, lurking in your inbox. Really. Freaky.All I remember about Taylor from school were his annoying jokes, his empty bragging, his rubbish poetry (poetry!) and his love […]

Deep dark secrets of Holland’s map makers

Once upon a time, long before GSM location finders, Google street views and synthesised Sat Nav voices, we used strange folding paper things called maps. They were really helpful, especially 400 years ago. To read story by Andy click on images above or continue below.  Maps were a secret source of power then. If you […]

Think a marathon is tough? Try a 250km desert run

Alasdair Morrison is 60 years old and the former chairman of Morgan Stanley in Asia. Now retired, he takes things easier than before. He’s been appointed to a couple of directorships and in his spare time he likes to go running along the trails close to his Hong Kong Island home. He says he needs […]

Heir conditioning: how not to blow the family fortune

It’s a story as old as time, but one that’s on constant repeat. Family makes a pile of money that’s inherited by offspring. Then in a generation or two the cash has slipped through the offspring’s fingers and disappeared into bad business decisions, family feuds, fast women and slow horses. All that’s left are some […]

Dinosaurs, mammoths, sabre-tooths and bone collectors

For lovers of Jurassic Park it was a dinosaur dream come true. The Triceratops skeleton displayed in the auction hall of Christie’s in Paris was 65 million years old, 7.5 metres long and up for sale. Unfortunately, you would have needed a dinosaur-sized budget to afford it. When the three-horned, vegetarian giant – nicknamed ‘Cliff’ […]

Dealers of death: buying and selling murderabilia

Before his execution Ted Bundy confessed to killing at least 30 young women in an orgy of rape, necrophilia and decapitation that dated back to the mid 1970s. By the time 2,000 volts of electricity terminated the serial killer at Florida’s State Prison 11 years later, Bundy had become so ingrained in the world’s cultural […]

Roe to ruin? Save caviar, grow your own sturgeon

On London’s prestigious Piccadilly is a simply decorated restaurant where two women once ate one of the most expensive meals in British history. They floated into the Caviar House & Prunier on a blustery afternoon in a whirlwind of designer shopping bags, plonked themselves down under the warm muted lighting and ran manicured nails down […]

Real life stories

Genealogy may sound like it offers all the romance of a hospital waiting room, but most people prefer to see it as the most exciting real life story of all; their own. Not only is tracing your family tree packed with wonderful characters, but rattling around the attics of history dusts off ancestral skeletons, misguided […]

Star wars: where next for Michelin’s famous guide?

Depending on which stale buffet of media metaphors you believe, Michelin’s pneumatic reputation has either been slowly punctured by elitism and web reviews or its star status shines brighter than ever in more destinations and it’s still the main dish of the day for serious foodies. Click on pages above to read full story.