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French style revolution

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Secret habits of the seriously rich

Once upon a multi-millionaire it used to be so easy to separate the seriously rich from the run-of-the-mill wealthy by playing count the clichés. If enough Bentleys, racehorses, super yachts and Monets added up to a grand fortune and numerous society magazine photo-shoots you were in. How old-fashioned that sounds now. Today, collections of empty […]

Shopping for mink umbrellas and cobra skin boots

So tell me, how much would you pay for an umbrella? US$500? US$1,000? US$3,000? If that’s your final answer, I’m sorry I have to say you’re not trying hard enough. You see if you are a discerning high spender you should be budgeting at least US$33,000. And it should be bespoke, exclusive, and ideally made […]

Snow business: great luxury escapes for winter

So what are you doing for a winter break this year? Planning to escape to the sun? Forget it. For a real taste of ice-cold excitement, you should really discover your own snow-capped wonderland. The perfect place to start is clearly Antarctica. It has got to be one of the world’s last great adventures. With […]

Diamonds go domestic

So you’ve got a new Harry Winston diamond cluster band, you went to auction for that wonderful Bvlgari sapphire ring and now you’ve booked your reservation in Paris for a custom-made piece from JAR. But what are you going to do now? There’s only so much jewellery you can wear at one time without looking […]

Billionaire best buddies

Looking for some new billionaire friends this summer? Perhaps you’d like to join the super-yacht wet set or lunch with remodelled Hollywood wives? Andy Round searches the world’s continents for inspiration. Asia Tania Chung likes to stay loyal to her manicurist. With colours as vibrant as her collection of Fendi beaded bags, who would want […]

State of Grace

The daughter of the American brick-seller looked stunning in her dazzling white silk bridal gown and 10-foot lace trail designed by MGM Studios’ costume department. As she knelt before the sanctuary altar next to the prince resplendent in his ceremonial sash and medals, more than 1,600 reporters jostled for a good view outside St Nicholas […]

Palaces for modern super tsars

You know what it’s like. You wait ages for an iconic Versailles-type palace to come along and then 50 all arrive at the same time. Spoilt for choice? Well you will be. Multi-millionaires are facing a terrible dilemma about which palace to choose in an astonishing Northern Versailles development just 12 kilometres outside of Russia’s […]