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Feature writing for Elle magazine in Bulgaria

In the bad old days of motoring owning a caravan was about as fashionable as admitting to living in a trailer park.

50 years of British Triumph: the motorbike that defined a generation

There’s nothing like a little celebrity stardust to transform a motorbike into a two-wheeled icon. Just ask Triumph. For decades their bikes have been the favoured mode of transport for Bob Dylan, Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage, Happy Days’ Fonzie and even Pink, but of all the Triumph models that have roared into popular consciousness, it […]

Hallowed world of Bentley’s bespoke department

If Britney’s LV-interior pink Hummer sends you wild with automotive excitement, 22-inch diamond-studded wheel rims give you palpitations and you never miss an episode of Pimp My Ride, look away now. We are entering a completely different place, a place of automotive aesthetics, a place where bespoke beauty whispers and never shouts. Hush now as […]

Italian style, Sicilian girls, Brighton mods and an icon called Vespa

The Vespa still remains a symbol of la dolce vita 61 years after it first spluttered out of Enrico Piaggio’s factory. Andy Round hits the high road with an Italian style icon. So, I’m sat at a Sicilian café in the chic and cheerful medieval town of Taormina when two Vespas pull up. The female […]

Riding out the recession with Harley-Davidson

There is a fabulous book called Brand Sense by a jolly fella called Martin Lindstrom. Within its easy-to-scan pages, Lindstrom discusses how famous brands inspire loyalty beyond reason. To demonstrate his point he asked 2,000 people in 34 countries which company name they would consider having tattooed on their arm. In third place came Coca-Cola, […]

Lean, mean, green machine

Of course it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes don’t you look at eco-friendly cars and your heart just sinks. You know that under that boxy bonnet, functional form and Hollywood A-list driver worthiness, there beats a green heart of eco-gold. But don’t you yearn for a little fun while you’re […]

Marque of respect

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